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The responsibility of having to handle a family member's estate, after they have passed, is an emotional, overwhelming and stressful undertaking. Dealing with the emotional aspect of losing a loved one is often more than many of us can handle. Please know that you are not alone. The Law Offices of J.R. Fletcher will walk you through each step of the probate process, whether it be a routine probate matter or a more complex situation such as a contested Will or probate litigation. J.R. is committed to administering the estate correctly and efficiently.

What is Probate?

Probate is the legal process of transferring a decedent's assets and concluding his or her legal and financial affairs. There are three main types of Probate in Texas for those who die with a Will.

  • Independent Adminstration
  • Dependant Administration
  • Muniment of Title

The Law Offices of J.R. Fletcher will walk through each type and help you determine which is best suited for your individual situation.

As the Executor of a Will, you will most likely have to:

  • Identify the assets of the Estate
  • Pay all debts owed by the Estate
  • Distribute the remaining asses to heirs or beneficiaries under the Will
  • Pay all taxes that may be owed by the Estate
  • Pursue claims against third parties that are owed to the Estate
  • Determine the identity of any heirs if there is no Will in place 

Cost Effective Probate Representation

J.R. Fletcher understands the need for families to know and understand the cost of probating a Will. The complexity and length of the probate process varies dependent on an individual's circumstance.

For uncontested Wills, a flat fee cost structure can be offered. This gives the executor(s) the ability to ask pertinent questions to J.R. without the stress of being charged for every email, phone call or text. A flat fee arrangement gives clients more comfort in knowing the total costs of probate.

Professional Services Included in Flat Fee for the Probate of a Will that is uncontested:

  • Initial conference to review the Will and discuss the probate process
  • Preparation and filing of the “Application to Probate Will"
  • Set Application to Probate for hearing. Prepare Testimony, Order Admitting Will to Probate and Oath of the Independent Executor.
  • Attend hearing, file Testimony and Oath, and order Letters Testamentary.
  • Prepare and mail notices to beneficiaries
  • Prepare a Certificate for Court.
  • Prepare Notice to Creditors for publication
  • Prepare and mail notice to secured creditors and unsecured creditors, if necessary.
  • Prepare and file Inventory and List of Claims and Order Approving Inventory and List of Claims.

Alternatives to Probate

  • Proceedings to Declare Heirship
  • Small Estate Affidavit
  • Informal Family Agreements
  • Application for Order of No Administration  

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